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My Girl Schwinn Upcycled
Rose Covered Breadboard
Fairy Rose Bush
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Picket Fence Birdhouses

Crafty Duck Tape Project Series

Crafty Duck Tape Project Series @ CottageGalStyle.comHi Crafty Gals!

Look what I got in the mail today!  Such pretty Duck Tape and I can hardly contain myself to start my projects.

Wait till you see how I use these pretties in my crafting, I promise you will like them.

I’ll be doing a series of crafty posts using these Duck Tapes in ways you haven’t seen yet I hope.

I won’t be making flowers, clothing, wallets or bags…

Everything I do, you can easily do too! Nothing complicated here.

If you want to join me during my Duck Tape series and post projects on your blog, I will put links on my posts.
Just let me know on each post if you have a new project to share and you’ll get a link, and don’t forget to add mine to yours! :)

There will be a minimum of 3 posts in the series…but expect more.BunnyWunny @ CottageGalStyle.comI’ve been dealing with a very sick bunny boy, he’s been taking all my energy, time and money! Poor little guy.

This is Bunny-Wunny with my husband Karl, he’s Karl’s best buddy as you can see.  He is the sweetest bunny ever and he’s why we have adopted additional bunnies over the years.  He will have you wrapped around his paw the moment you meet him.

He has magical powers. Seriously. Magical.

He does it with everyone at all the different Vets we’ve gone!
Trust me, you will not be able to resist this cutie guy.

Craft On Gals & Hugs, Lynnie

Breadboard Covered in Hand Painted Roses

BreadboardWe’ve had rain and major overcast for the last 3 days so instead of doing some project outside, I found my breadboard.

This HUGE breadboard came from Décor Steals (who I do not blog for) several months ago or was it a year and it got lost in our cellar, nothing new there!

I was originally just going to paint stripes over the white to look like a grain sack towel but that didn’t quite happen. [Read more...]

Fairy Rose Bush Blooming it’s Heart Out

fairy rose bushWhen I moved into our current neighborhood a neighbor down the street had this fabulous pink rose bush.

It bloomed and bloomed and bloomed!

It was neglected

and I loved it.

I spent a good long time trying to figure out what it was and

then I happened to go on a garden walk and one house had one! [Read more...]

Healthy Eating Doesn’t Need to Be Boring!

Healthy EatingThis is the BEST time of the year to eat healthy with all the fresh veggies and fruits.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean diet foods.  They are really unhealthy, really.

Full of salt to make up for the flavor they took out of it to make it diet food.  Not to mention the chemicals for flavor and preservatives. [Read more...]