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Facebook Posting & Shabby Chic Hat Stand Finished!


Hi Ladies!

I will no longer be posting here on the blog.

I will be sharing only on my Facebook page from here on in…it is easier for me to share there and it’s all I have time and energy for these days.

Please come over and follow along while I share projects and decorating from Cottage Gal Style and from other lovely decorators!

I finally am posting the hat stand I up cycled so stop over and see the shabby chic transformation.

Hugs and Craft on Ladies,


A Shabby Chic Makeover is in Order!

P1070904BShabby Chic Makeover Required!

This Vintage pink hat stand has seen better days…I hope.  It looks like it was handmade by someone years ago.

It needs a makeover don’t you think ladies…a Shabby Chic makeover.

A teaser for you is all this little post is about…

Tuesday you’ll see the transformation from dull and drab to Shabby Chic Fab!

See you Tuesday Ladies Right here and on Facebook Too!

Oh, and I have a little news I’ll be sharing with you as well.

Craft on My Girlfriends

Hugs, Lynnie

Facebook Postings!

Hi Blogging Friends!

I’m going on a much required medical blogging break, but I will be back.  You can count on that!

During this hiatus, I will be sharing on my Cottage Gal Style page on Facebook.

If you have Facebook and you want to keep in touch, follow the links and join in.

Most of my postings will be sharing inspirations but some will be mine just not a lot or I would be blogging.

It’s what I can do for now and I think you will love things I’ve already been sharing there.

Hope to see you at Facebook page Cottage Gal Style.

Hugs Girlfriends, Lynnie

Paying it Forward…Blogging Tour

SSB2Image via Shabby Story

Hi My Blogging Friends!

Lynn, my good blogging friend from Shabby Story, invited me to join the blogging tour that is going around blog land.

She has a beautiful blog and you really should check it out.  Thank you for including me in the paying it forward blog tour Lynn!

Lynn lives in Indiana and moved due to her husband’s job and has been redoing her whole house in her special style.    [Read more...]

This Duct Tape Train Case Rocks!

Duct Tape Vintage Train Case at CottageGalStyle.comI’m loving this vintage train case and know you will too and it was a snap using Duct tape.

This pretty pattern came from  the Tape Brothers.  They are great to work with and have the BEST selection of tapes I have seen…truly and the prices are quite reasonable too!

They have so many types I can’t possibly name them all here, I kid you not.

That is why you must go over to their site, and see it for your self. [Read more...]

Easy Duct Tape Car Trash Can!

Duct Tape Car Trash Can CottageGalStyle.comI was just about to throw my empty cleaning sheets container in the recycle bin when I had a great idea.

This would be a perfect trash bin for the car.  I’ve been using a bag but I knew this was better.

First I thought I would cover it in Oil Cloth but when I got my box of Duct Tape from Tape Brothers, who were kind enough to give me to do some crafts, it was a no brainer!

No measuring and no gluing needed!  Made me happy and I was on a roll, sorry I couldn’t help myself.Duct Tape Car Trash Can CottageGalStyle.comI removed the label and the leftover glue and washed the container, removed the lid and dried.  Then I spray painted the lid with paint made for plastic.

I did not pre-cut the tape, I simply rolled the tape around starting from the bottom and cut and repeated until I reached the second to last row.  I rolled out a 23″ (inch) piece and cut. folded over lengthwise 3/4 ths of the way and then folded the remaining over that for the handle.Duct Tape Car Trash Can CottageGalStyle.comOnce the handle was made, I cut two small strips and taped each end on opposite sides at the top sides and added my last strip of tape around the top edge over the handle.  Added the lid and I was done.

Here is something people don’t tell you when using duct tape…clean your scissors after each cut or Teflon coated scissors.  You don’t want any sticky stuff on your scissors or it will make a mess when you try to cut…and you won’t be happy. Trust me.

This is super easy and super convenient.

I used Polka Dot Pink Designer Duct Tape on this project.

Craft On & Hugs, Lynnie

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Romantic Home 

 Please Note: The Tape Brothers provided product for this post.

Shout-Outs! ~ Feed Back Requested!!

Shout-Out @ CottageGalStyle.comSource


I’ve been thinking about doing random shout-outs…they would be about anything I want them to be.


  • Topic I Love and just want to yak about
  • Paying it forward…about another blogger
  • Product I’m nuts about (and not being paid to talk about)
  • Fabulous customer service
  • Do You Know About This
  • My Weight Loss Journey
  • Anything and Everything

What do you think?

Would you be interested in something like that in between my decorating inspiration and crafting posts?

Is there something you want to hear about?


Religion, Politics or Anything Controversial…

…you can find other sources for that kind of stuff.

I think I will try it out for a while and see how I like it and see how you do too!

Hugs, Lynnie

Crafty Duck Tape Project Series

Crafty Duck Tape Project Series @ CottageGalStyle.comHi Crafty Gals!

Look what I got in the mail today!  Such pretty Duck Tape and I can hardly contain myself to start my projects.

Wait till you see how I use these pretties in my crafting, I promise you will like them.

I’ll be doing a series of crafty posts using these Duck Tapes in ways you haven’t seen yet I hope.

I won’t be making flowers, clothing, wallets or bags…

Everything I do, you can easily do too! Nothing complicated here.

If you want to join me during my Duck Tape series and post projects on your blog, I will put links on my posts.
Just let me know on each post if you have a new project to share and you’ll get a link, and don’t forget to add mine to yours! :)

There will be a minimum of 3 posts in the series…but expect more.BunnyWunny @ CottageGalStyle.comI’ve been dealing with a very sick bunny boy, he’s been taking all my energy, time and money! Poor little guy.

This is Bunny-Wunny with my husband Karl, he’s Karl’s best buddy as you can see.  He is the sweetest bunny ever and he’s why we have adopted additional bunnies over the years.  He will have you wrapped around his paw the moment you meet him.

He has magical powers. Seriously. Magical.

He does it with everyone at all the different Vets we’ve gone!
Trust me, you will not be able to resist this cutie guy.

Craft On Gals & Hugs, Lynnie